North Liberty woman warning others about a phone scam

Published: Jul. 29, 2017 at 5:22 PM CDT
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Rosie Wessinger likes to give the North Liberty community a helping hand any way she can. She has made donations to the police department, the fire department, and the school district.

Most of her donations have been local. Friday she received a suspicious call from a person claiming to be from a national nonprofit, The Police Foundation.

She says, “I had told him no thank you I only do local donations, and it's been taken care of. He stated well we can send you envelopes, can I put you down for 25 dollars. “

She says the person was aggressive with the request and short on details. The caller wouldn't give up his location. She explains, "He said no I can't disclose that, we've had problems with female employees here getting harassed."

"She says the red flag during that conversation was the lack of transparency. She says she's gotten calls from the North Liberty police, and fire departments before, and those conversations have been open and honest."

She says, "Generally, those people are local people. And so they'll tell you where they're located, and you can get more information out of them. But when somebody is not willing to give you information, that's cause for concern."

A spokesman from the

, based in Washington, D.C, says Wessinger's call was likely a scam. The group has had so many thieves pose as them over the phone the Foundation posted a warning online. The spokesman said the foundation never asks for money over the phone, and that people should do their homework before making a donation.

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