North Liberty library receives state accreditation, increased state funding

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG) - The North Liberty Community Library will receive a boost in funding from the state after the library was recognized with state accreditation from the State Library of Iowa.

Leadership with the library said that money will help them better suit the public, especially during their busier months.

North Liberty has grown rapidly, noted as one of the fastest growing cities in the state. With that rapid growth, the community library expanded, too.

In 2014, the library expanded to meet increasing needs. Staff admitted that, since then, they still find themselves needing more space and more staff to meet the demands of the people in the area. They believe due to those increased demands, it is all the more important the library received the state accreditation.

Jennie Garner, the library's director, said that the money they receive will allow them to increase staffing. She said the ability to have more people helping out is pivotal during the summer months and other vacations from school.

"The library is hopping," Garner said. "We do some seasonal staffing in the summer to make sure that we have all of our stuff being re-shelved in quick order, our collection's going back on the shelves and out to the public, help meet the needs of our programs when we're super busy. And, we sometimes need two, three, four staff to cover those."

Garner said the library received about $5,000 last year as part of being recognized from the state, which allowed them to bring in more staff.

Out of the more than 500 libraries across the state, a little more than half are recognized as being accredited from the State Library of Iowa. Garner said being one of those is a great sign they are meeting the needs of the people in North Liberty.