North Liberty celebrates start of new city-wide transit system

Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 8:23 AM CDT
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Authorities had a grand roll-out celebration Monday for a new North Liberty transit initiative that aims to help those without cars get to important places like the grocery store, community center, and doctor's office.

With just $1 fare the transit network is an affordable alternative for many in the North Liberty area. The service launched on October 10, 2016.

"I think it's wonderful, and it's time they grow with the city, the city really needed this service," said resident Debbie Murphy.

She's new to the city and still getting the know the area. Murphey said having a bus to get around will help her do just that.

"There's many people that can benefit from this, I drive myself, but there will be times when I would like to take the bus instead," Murphy said.

The service comes at an initial cost of $50,000. The bus runs from 10:20 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday - along a fixed route that starts at the North Liberty Living Center - and makes stops at places like the grocery store and community center.

"Maybe in the long run it'll expand beyond that, but this is our initial start to make sure that those who need to get to where they need to be is available," said James Jetter of the North Liberty Transit Task Force.

Officials said they plan to study the route and make necessary tweaks in time.

The city has grown by 36 percent since 2010, to more than 18,000 people. So officials said it's about time to climb on board with public transportation.

"Everyone knows the census numbers and where we've been bursting at the seams, and taking off size wise, and we on the task force have realized maybe we're behind the eight ball, and we need to get going," Jetter said.

The entire route takes about 45 minutes. Officials said the bus will likely make that loop 4 to 5 times per day for now.

The new transit service will just take you around the city of North Liberty. It does not connect with buses that go to Coralville or Iowa City.

You can find all the information you need about the new