Two injured as fire damages home in North Liberty

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 7:22 PM CST
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A fire in North Liberty injured two people and damaged some townhouses on Friday evening.

It happened at 23 Heritage Drive near Highway 965 and West Zeller Drive. The North Liberty Fire Department said a man was working on a truck on the back side of the building when it malfunctioned causing the fire in the garage of one of the townhomes. The fire department said there was gas involved and the fire spread to other nearby homes. The man working on the truck was injured along with a firefighter. Both were evaluated at the scene and released. The owner was able to get three dogs out safely, and firefighters rescued and treated a cat at the scene.

Fire Chief Brian Platz said the fire severely damaged the garage and townhome connected. Firefighters don't have a damage estimate.

Platz also said the rain, sleet and ice made fighting the fire more tough and drawn out. He said the water used to fight the fire kept freezing on the home and the rain was drenching the firefighters. And he said, not only were the people getting wet, the ladders were slippery causing more problems. Platz did say the city helped them out by bringing salt to help the firefighters gain more traction.