New data details school discipline, absenteeism and more: Find your school

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - New Iowa data breaks down by individual school some of the challenges facing Iowa's students, particularly low-income and minority students.

The Iowa Performance Profiles released new data sets and tools this week as part of requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, which replaced No Child Left Behind.

The new data includes breakdowns of teacher retention rates, student discipline and chronic absenteeism, among other data, for each district and school building in the state.

Click here to see the entire state report or search for your specific school.

That data paints a clearer picture of the issues facing low-income and minority students in Iowa.

Chronic Absenteeism, which is when students miss at least 10-percent of school days, can leave students behind in learning. About 11% of students statewide were chronically absent. That number jumped to 18% for low-income students and 21% for black students.

Eastern Iowa's largest districts saw even higher absenteeism rates:
Cedar Rapids: 18% overall, 28% for black students, 26% for low-income
Dubuque: 12% overall, 32% for black students, 25% for low-income
Iowa City: 13% overall, 23% for black students, 21% for low-income
Waterloo: 21% overall, 27% for black students, 25% for low-income

The report also details gaps in disciplinary rates for black and low-income students. Statewide, just 6% of students are black but they account for 21% of suspensions and expulsions statewide. Low-income students saw an even higher rate, accounting for 74% of all suspensions and expulsions.

Eastern Iowa school districts saw similar gaps for discipline:

Cedar Rapids: 40% black students, 80% low-income students
Dubuque: 34% black students, 77% low-income students
Iowa City: 58% black students, 77% low-income students
Waterloo: 57% black students, 89% low-income students