New charges filed against Iowa woman who locked boy in 6-foot concrete area

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ACKLEY, Iowa (KCRG) - Authorities have filed new charges against the Iowa woman who locked her boyfriend's young son under basement stairs.

Traci Tyler (Courtesy: Iowa Department of Corrections)

A judge sentenced 40-year-old Traci Tyler earlier this month to up to a year in jail for false imprisonment, but authorities have now filed a felony child endangerment charge against Tyler for the same case.

A jury trial is set for June 4.

For about a month in 2017, Tyler confined her fiance's then 8-year-old son in a 6-foot concrete area beneath the basement stairs of her Ackley home for hours at a time.

The boy's father, 30-year-old Alex Shadlow faces kidnapping charges in the case. He requested a jury trial, after waiving his right to one in April.