New blackout license plate design available to Iowa vehicle owners

An example of the new "blackout" plate offered by the Iowa Department of Transportation (Background Photo: U.S. Air Force)
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ANKENY, Iowa (KCRG) - A new specialty license plate design is available to vehicle owners in Iowa starting this month, officials with the Iowa Department of Transportation said.

The new option is the "blackout" plate. It features an all-black design with white lettering. It was approved during the last legislative session, whose bills take effect on July 1.

The plate can be ordered online or through a paper form. It will be available in the standard six-character alphanumeric plate for $35 or a personalized seven-character plate for $60. Funds from the plate will go toward the Road Use Tax Fund, which funds various road and bridge projects through the state.

The plates will be manufactured by Iowa Prison Industries.