New axe-throwing bar opening up in Iowa City

Published: Apr. 25, 2018 at 7:06 PM CDT
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There's a new adrenaline rush coming to a new bar in eastern Iowa. Hatchet-hurling bars have been popping up around the U.S. This summer Hatchet Jacks will open it's doors in Iowa City, letting customers chuck axes and drink beer.

It's something some may find controversial but the owner swears it's no more dangerous than bowling.

"So far, I've seen a lot of negative comments about that but I kind of harken back to years ago when people thought, 'hey, let's throw a 16 pound rock at a bunch of wood pins and if you think about (it's) in the same way," said Owner Nick Carroll.

They will also have "axe-perts" walking around and giving pointers, much like the Canadian axe-throwing set ups.

"No major accidents, obviously no one has had a finger cleaved off or anything like that," said Carroll.

While those of age will be able to consume, there is a three-drink limit. The leisurely launching will be open for anybody 18 and up.

"Obviously, we don't want people becoming heavily intoxicated and throwing but relaxing and having a beer or two while doing it is certainly a good time," said Carroll.

He says it's a good way to escape.

"We're in a technologically forward society and this is something that's sort of anti-that," said Carroll. "I think you're seeing a little bit of that movement against super technology and this certainly harkens back to the days of Yore."

The Iowa City Chamber of Commerce says they support the idea of bringing more unique activities to the area.

"I'm excited about the concept of it," said Iowa City Chamber of Commerce Member Services Director Tim Carty. "I think it's something new and something unique that we don't have here in the area."

Hatchet Jacks officially opens at the end of June but they will have a booth at the Iowa City block party June 23.