New V.A. clinic coming to Dubuque, exact location to be determined

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- One eastern Iowa city is getting a new V.A. clinic- all that is left to do is determine where exactly it will go.

Dubuque will soon be home to a new V.A. clinic, allowing veterans to receive services they would otherwise have to travel long distances to get.

There is a clinic in Dubuque already- in a small space inside the Mercy Medical Center. But it does not offer certain services, like getting glasses or being fitted for hearing aids.

For local veterans, traveling as far as Iowa City was an all-day event for them.

Now they are relieved.

"If they could shorten that time from an hour and three quarters to two hours one way, to fifteen minutes, or twenty minutes, or a half hour, that is so much better for these disabled veterans," said John Ziemet, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and the Commander for the American Legion Post 6 in Dubuque.

Ziemet said once the word travels to other veterans in the area, he knows they will share his excitement.

Now that the location selection is in the final stages, the V.A. Director in Iowa City will work with city officials to ensure the new location fits the required criteria.

“I know it has to be on a main road, has to be easily accessible by public transportation, and has to be close to the vicinity of our major hospitals here in Dubuque," Randy Rennison, Executive Director for the Dubuque County Veterans Affairs Commission said.

It was determined at a meeting on March 9, 2018, Dubuque would be receiving a V.A. clinic, but they are still determining where the location will be between five spots in the city.

A decision could come soon on the new location and they are hoping to have the clinic open in 2019.