New Cedar Rapids Gym Encourages Resolution Makers

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – University of Scranton research shows by mid- February, 91% of New Year's resolution makers drop their resolutions, and the number one resolution is to lose weight.

A new Cedar Rapids gym is providing a way for individuals to keep their resolutions in a different way.

When walking into Elevate Vertical Fitness, it won't look like the typical gym.

It's full of aerial silks, poles, and a lyra hoop. Owners Joyous Fisher and Scott Monroe decided to open the gym when they felt the need to bring something new to the area.

“We have different apparatus, instead of free weights and treadmills and ellipticals, we have poles, and silks, and a lyra. All of our stuff is aerial so you will be lifting your body weight. Basically it’s up to you to contort yourself around the apparatus and keep yourself up," Fisher said.

Classes provide a full body workout for all ages, and all athletic abilities.

“Anyone can do it, doesn’t matter your fitness level or your age, you start off at level 1, so you’ll start out with the basics to level 2 and 3," Fisher said. "It’s so fun you won’t even realize you’re getting a workout.”

Instructors from Elevate Vertical Fitness will hold a demonstration at NewBo City Market from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. February 27.