Nestle plans to cut more than 50 jobs in Waverly

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WAVERLY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Waverly Economic Development says they are ready to help the more than 50 employees who will lose their jobs when Nestle phases them out.


Bill Werger, Economic Development Director, says while he doesn't have many specifics, Nestle plans to phase out 49 hourly jobs and seven salary jobs by the end of 2018.

While no one ever wants to see people lose their jobs, Werger is confident there are plenty of opportunities for these people to find employment either in Waverly or the Cedar Valley. He points to the current number of open positions and low unemployment as reasons for his optimism.

In a statement to KCRG-TV9, Nestle says employees were notified on Monday and the jobs will be phased out over the course of 2018.

When asked the reason for the job cuts, Edie Burge, Manager of Corporate Communications said, "Nestlé has recently completed a thorough evaluation of the productivity of our various manufacturing facilities across the U.S., with emphasis placed on streamlining our operations so that we can bring products to market faster and more economically. Therefore, we will begin to adjust employment levels at our Waverly facility to better match the needs of the business."

The company has 254 employees at the plant in Waverly who manufacture products like Breakfast Essentials, Nesquik and hot cocoa mix.