Nearly 100 Eastern Iowans get matching feminist tattoos

Published: Mar. 25, 2017 at 9:17 PM CDT
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Nearly 100 Eastern Iowans now have matching tattoos with the phrase "nevertheless, she persisted."

A group of women wanted to get the matching tattoos and created a Facebook event for it. They held the event at Ink Expression in Mount Vernon. It lasted 7 hours and for $30, people could get a tattoo of the phrase.

It came from an exchange between Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and its sparked a national movement for women.

"It's just pretty cool helping the community more for women's rights," tattoo artist Adam Oxley said.

A mother and daughter at the event both got matching tattoos.

"Nevertheless she persisted-- I get a lot of that from her and it just makes sense to have it in her handwriting because that's something she teaches me," Olivia Harding said.

Each of these people came here to get the now famous words for different reasons.

“I am a strong advocate for mental health awareness and treatment and my family including my sister who is with me here today and my roommate and our families have a long history of depression so it’s just a reminder that you just keep, keeping on," Cassie Ellis said.

Part of the proceeds from the 7-hour long tattoo event benefited the local organization that encourages young girls to be confident called Girls on the Run.

The tattoo shop says it may hold more events like today's in the future.