Natalie Finn's sister testifies she knew something wasn't right days before her death

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) -- "I just knew one of us was going to die."

That's what Natalie Finn's younger sister testified Thursday during their mother's trial.

Nicole Finn is facing first degree murder in the death of her adoptive daughter, Natalie Finn. She was 16 years old when she starved to death in October of last year in the family's West Des Moines home.

Cameras were not allowed to capture video of Mikayla Finn's testimony. Mikayla told jurors she would sneak out of her room to get food. And other times she would put signs up in her bedroom window that said "NEED FOOD AND MONEY."

Mikayla said she had to give Natalie a sponge bath at one point because she was too weak to stand up. She said in the days leading up to Natalie's death, she knew something wasn't right.

Mikayla also broke down as she looked at pictures of herself from around the time of Natalie's death.

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