Music on the March hosts eight bands for competition

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - The Colts Drum and Bugle Corp are competing on its home turf tonight in Dubuque.

Colts practice before Music on the March competition later tonight.

Eight different bands from around the country will be competing in Music on the March.

The Colts are about three weeks into their competitive season.

Their stop in Dubuque holds a special place in many current members and alumni's hearts.

Colts staff member Chad Miller says the chance for Corp members to play in front of alumni and family is a moving experience. "We get a lot of people that have aged out either recently or in the past, they come to support the Corp. We play our Corp song, which is Morning at the End of the Night, and it's usually a very emotional moment for everybody involved. We do an age out ceremony, some awards things like that, so it's just got a little more of a sentimental value than our other shows."

The Colt Cadets are scheduled to perform around seven while the Colts won't go on until around nine thirty.

A special tribute to alumni will follow the final performance.