Mount Mercy students help four local small business owners

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Starting up a business can be hard, and getting the word out can even be harder.

That's why some students at Mount Mercy College helped four local small businesses owned by women build websites. It was a partnership between them, and web hosting company GoDaddy.

The college kids were part of the Enactus Team. They’re a group of students who try helping out small businesses in the area. Member Blake Seda says helping the business owners build websites for their companies is a good way to adapt with the times.

He says, "Having that ability to market as well on social media and be able to sell on your website, that's the key to be able to not only make it as a small business, but be able to thrive as a small business.”

Helen Armstrong started African Women Empowered four years ago. She says of the group, "It is a business that was created to give women who came as refugees from Africa opportunities for job training, and employment."

She says the business is starting to expand, and needed a website to get the word out. She had no idea how to go about making one.

She says, "I just grew up without technology so every day is just new learning for me."

She's one of four business owners there getting help. The other three were Nutty Sisters, Crafter's Chaos, and the Looking Glass

The owner of Crafter’s Chaos, Sara Yarbrough says she needed to find better ways to sell her shirts. She says, "Usually I have a little shop in front of my house, and then we also do some craft shows around the holiday season.” Preferably I'd like to Midwest and beyond. I've sold coast to coast currently, but just in little here and there pieces.”

The four businesses were picked through a competition by GoDaddy.