UPDATE: Party host cited for not having firework permit in incident that injured a mother and her baby

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SHUEYVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Johnson County Sheriff's Office has cited the owner of the property where a mother and her baby were injured by a misfired firework Saturday night.

Maggie Limkemann and her baby are recovering in the hospital after being hit with a firework on Saturday, July 1, 2017 in Shueyville. (Family photos)

According to a news release, deputies cited Richard Fowler for failure to have a firework permit, as required in a county ordinance.

36-year-old Margaret Limkemann and her 1-month old daughter, Aria, suffered injuries when a firework launched sideways instead of upward.

The projectile struck Margaret and exploded after impact. She was holding Aria at the time and tossed the baby aside before the explosion.

Emergency responders took both victims to the University of Iowa Hospital.

A Cedar Rapids woman and her baby are recovering in the hospital after being hit by a firework.

Family says it happened at Richard Fowler's Fourth of July party at 1455 Curtis Bridge Road NE in Shueyville, around 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Maggie Limkemann was watching an amateur fireworks display from more than 50 yards away, holding her four week old.

According to friends, a multi-shot box misfired sending a projectile right at the pair, landing in Maggie's lap.

She quickly tossed the baby aside before the firework exploded.

The two suffered some severe injuries. Maggie has third degree burns on both legs. The baby has a broken femur and cuts.

Family and friends have created a GoFundMe page, if you would like to help with medical expenses.