More than 500 vendors now selling fireworks in Iowa

Published: Jun. 20, 2017 at 11:13 AM CDT
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More than 500 stores and vendors can now legally sell fireworks in Iowa.

The State Fire Marshal says it has now issued 500 licenses statewide for fireworks sales. That list includes permanent stores that offer fireworks, typically sold at an existing store, as well as temporary vendors, which are the fireworks tents you will see in parking lots and fields.

The Fire Marshal also urged safety with fireworks. Already, at least two fires in Cedar Rapids are blamed on fireworks.

The State Fire Marshal provides some practical advice for the use of fireworks:

Read the label: Each firework should give directions about the proper use of the device and the description of how it should perform, so read the label and follow the directions.

Avoid aerial rockets in populated areas: The direction of travel may change after setting off the device, and could injure people or set buildings on fire.

Keep fountains away from buildings: Fountains stay in one place, but they can shoot upward in the air and set buildings on fire.

Talk with your neighbors before using fireworks: The noise of fireworks may disturb neighbors who have Post Traumatic Stress Injuries, and often frighten animals, so talk with your neighbors before setting off the fireworks.

Never point fireworks at others: If the firework goes off early or goes in an unintended direction, it can hurt people nearby.

Never use illegal fireworks: Devices with higher levels of explosives are extremely dangerous, so never use items known as M-80, M-100, silver salute, blockbuster, or quarterpounder.