More than $10,000 in dresses stolen from Cedar Rapids seamstress

Published: Apr. 11, 2019 at 10:43 PM CDT
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Cedar Rapids police are looking for the person or people responsible for stealing stole dozens of wedding and prom dresses from a local seamstress.

Officials said burglars broke into Seams Easy sometime late Wednesday at 3343 Southgate Court Southwest. Police don't think the people stopped there. Authorities said two different suites were also burglarized. Those businesses are Thrivent Financial and a law office.

Burglars made off with at least 30 different articles of clothing, ranging from prom and wedding dresses to t-shirts. The shop's owner, Loiza Edgington, thinks the cost of the loss is about $10,000.

Edgington said the burglars had busted the front door locks to her business and her neighbors. They next made off with all the valuables they could find inside.

"I was in shock, it was a mess here. It's like they flipped it, everything they could find," said Edgington.

Edgington reported the theft to authorities. They're investigating all three of the burglaries. The shop owner said losing so much money in merchandise is a difficult situation to accept.

"I just cried and cried yesterday waiting for my husband and police to come," said Edgington.

Valerie Porter found out her wedding dress for a June ceremony was heisted after getting a call from her seamstress.

"I thought she was calling to say, hey you have an appointment come back in and I was in the car crying," said Porter. "I really didn't know how to take it."

It'll be tough to track down those responsible because there's no surveillance video or any witnesses. Edgington is hoping social media will help ID the burglars.

"We're trying to check Facebook market or if somebody tries to sell them maybe that would lead us," said Edgington. "Find the guy, please."

Meanwhile, Porter has a wedding to prepare for. She's scraped together the money for a new dress and has ordered it. Even so, she and her soon to be husband hope the original returns.

"I haven't seen the dress yet so it's making it harder for me not to be able to see the dress and I want to help her find it but at the same time I want to see her happy if it is recovered just to see her on the wedding day would be awesome," said Porter's fiance, Keith Bittner.

Seams Easy is asking anybody who's seen any prom or wedding dresses at consignment stores, or even online, to call the store. Cedar Rapids police are also asking any information on the burglary to contact them or Crimestoppers.