More perspective on last week’s heat

(Courtesy: MGN)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The start of the heat wave last week was delayed because of well-timed, well-placed thunderstorms. But once we got into it, we sure felt it. Checking the actual air temperature, though, it doesn’t look that bad. Only three days hit at least 90 in Cedar Rapids: Thursday was 90, and Friday and Saturday hit 92. These were only six to eight degrees above the normal high, barely noteworthy.

It was the tropical mugginess that made it so rough. The dew point peaked at 75 degrees already on Wednesday, then topped out at 78 on Thursday, 80 on Friday, and 79 on Saturday. So, while the heat by itself wasn’t especially impressive, the addition of the humid air took it up a few notches.

In Dubuque, the high temperature was 88 Thursday (six degrees above normal), 91 Friday (nine degrees above normal), and 90 Saturday (eight degrees above normal). The highest dew points those days were 78, 81, and 78 degrees.

Iowa City had hotter temperatures, and for longer. The high was at least 90 degrees from July 12 all the way through this past Saturday, nine days in a row. The peak of the heat was Thursday through Saturday here, too, with highs of 95, 98, and 97. Those were 10, 13, and 12 degrees above normal, and came with top dew points of 79, 79, and 78 degrees, respectively.

Waterloo, like Dubuque, had just two days in the 90s. Those fell on Thursday and Friday at 93 and 95 degrees, which were eight and 10 degrees above normal. Peak dew points were 78 to 80 degrees.