Monticello animal shelter rescues 27 cats from a home

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MONTICELLO, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Volunteer with Animal Welfare Friends, Annie Locher says the cats were not in the best shape when they picked them up Thursday night. They were at a home in Monticello located at 220 ½ West First Street.

Locher says, "My main concern was getting them out of that environment, because they had no fresh air, they didn't have enough food, [and] it was not clean."

Two of the cats are still being treated at a vet, while one did not make it. Locher explains, "It was malnutrition, but it was so badly infested with fleas that basically it had no red blood cells left. [The fleas] bled her to death basically."

Locher says the owner couldn't take care of the cats because he's not in good condition either. He is getting surgery in the near future which will have him on bed rest for a long time. The owner called police to tell them that.

Animal Welfare Friends doesn't have enough room, or volunteers for all the cats, and they are taking in 11 rescue dogs Saturday. So they're turning to other shelters for help.

Locher says, "If multiple shelters can take even just 2 or 3 that would be a big help. And we have enough room to keep a few, but we can't keep them all."

Locher says the cats are still dirty, anemic and malnourished. That’s why it will take some time before the cats can be put up for adoption.

Animal Welfare Friends is located at 22407 Business Highway 151 in Monticello. They need volunteers to help them take care of animals. They also need cleaning supplies. They can be reached by phone at (319) 975-8283. Click here to visit their website.