Monica Vernon and Brad Hart compete in runoff election

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The race for Cedar Rapids Mayor will go to a runoff election.

The two candidates with the most votes are former city council member Monica Vernon and local attorney Brad Hart. They'll now face off in a run off election on December 5th.

Monica Vernon told TV9 she credits her success to a grassroots campaign. She says she has proven leadership and knows she can work with people of all neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids.

Brad Hart had a close battle for the second spot against Scott Olson.
Hart says he's a non traditional candidate and that's what the city of Cedar Rapids needs right now.

"With all due respect to Monica, I'm not a politician, I'm here to serve. I've served and led more organization than any other candidate has and I think that has shown me the strengths and weakness of our community," Hart said.

"For me it's about how we work together. I'm used to working with the entire council there isn't anyone I cant work with," Vernon said.