Mission of Hope to reopen Dec. 15

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Cedar Rapids shelters that  closed temporarily on September 29 will be reopened later this month after a funding gap has been resolved.

Mission of Hope says it plans to reopen their men's and women's shelters on Park Court SE in Cedar Rapids on Dec. 15.

While they were closed, the Mission of Hope Board of Directors worked with a local accountant to create ways to sustain their funding.

“We looked at the services we currently provide, and the way we provide them, then considered how we might be able to provide the same services in different ways going forward," said Laura Kamienski, board president. "We chose a model which will give us a better opportunity to operate in the black during our traditionally difficult months of August through October."

Kamienski says they plan to reassess their finances at the end of March to make sure they're on target.

The reopening is a welcome to other organizations, including Willis Dady which opened up an overflow shelter just last week.

"It just lifts the load a little bit to have another agency active again and shelter. It means that the staff can focus on people at overflow and may not have to deal with quite as many people who are outside on street each night," said Phoebe Trepp with Willis Dady homeless services.

Mission of Hope organizers said they'll take another look at their financial position to see if they can continue on.

"We have some plans for how to adjust the other services we provide among our other locations to make sure we're doing things in the most efficient way to serve our community," Kamienski said.