Missing dog found in Dubuque after help from strangers

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Lost, far from home: It was the situation one Great Dane faced. But loved ones even strangers came together to help find the dog in Dubuque.

While visiting her parents in Dubuque, Noelle Bellaver brought along her two Great Danes, Mystique and Midnight. When she let them out of the house of Christmas Day, but Midnight ran into a car and took off running..

"The fear was that since she ran into a car that she was hurt, potentially laying somewhere or that she was possibly taken and sold since Great Danes are worth quiet a bit of money," said Sarah Kumpf, Noelle's cousin.

After no luck, the family posted on Facebook, drawing 800 comments.

A search party drew about 25 strangers to look for Midnight.

"Midnight's army was big enough we could cover all the stops that I'd picked out on the map and converge. I knew we'd catch her if she was there."

Eventually, she was spotted and ran right into a stranger's arms.

After six days, Midnight was scared, spooked and starving. But staff from the Dubuque Humane Society nursed her back to health.