Minnesota man arrested twice for huffing

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KDTH) -- Admitting he has a “bad habit,” a Minnesota man was arrested twice in just more than 24 hours for huffing spray cans at two Dubuque locations.

45-year-old Todd Appel’s first encounter with Dubuque Police happened just before 12:30 Monday afternoon.

Officers were called to the Wal-Mart parking lot to check on a man who had been sitting in his pickup truck for a couple hours.

Appel was inside the truck, with a spray can in his hand and another in his lap.

According to an arrest report, Appel admitted to huffing from the cans and even huffed from one of them while talking to officers.

He was arrested on a charge of Sniffing Glue or Other Substances to Cause Intoxication.

At about 1:30 the following afternoon, Appel was arrested again, this time after police found his truck on North Crescent Ridge.

The vehicle was facing the wrong direction, partly up on the curb, but with the back end hanging into traffic.

Appel was found passed out in the driver’s seat, with the truck still running and in gear.

Two spray cans were found in the passenger seat. When Appel came to, officers described him as “confused” and “lethargic.”

He’s now facing a second huffing charge, as well as counts of Operating While Intoxicated and Interference with Official Acts.

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