Military surplus stores adapt to changing times

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MARION, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - With no major wars right now, military surplus stores are adapting to having less of their usual inventory.

Keith Post the owner of Uncle Stan's Military Surplus says you'll never know what will come in the door, or what someone may want to purchase.

Many veterans come through to buy an sell things, or just hang out and reminisce.

Many of Post's supplies are harder to find these days because America has drastically reduced its role in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's changed a lot steal pot helmets when I first got in the business I'd buy them for a couple bucks and sell them for ten or something. They're gone. The same helmet now sells for $100," Post said.

There are a few things for sale that you can almost always find. Some of the more popular items purchased when veterans come through the store are belts and socks because that's what they wore in the service and they say they feel more comfortable in them.

Post says the future of his trade is uncertain. It made depend completely on the direction leaders take the country in coming years.

"I don't know if we go to war with someone then there would be a glut. The smaller you get the military, the less stuff you need. You don't need the field gear you don't need the vehicles," Post said.