Memorial Day Weekend gas prices highest since 2014

Published: May. 28, 2018 at 4:41 PM CDT
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People who drove out or are now driving home from Memorial Day trips may have noticed drivers are paying a little extra at the pump this holiday weekend.

Gas prices right now in Iowa average $2.85 per gallon- up from $2.68 last month and $2.31 from Memorial Day last year.

TV9 checked AAA to find the average gas prices in eastern Iowa and learned Cedar Rapids has the cheapest metro price: $2.84 per gallon, one cent below the state average.

Dubuque, however, saw the most expensive gas prices for $2.90 per gallon.

TV9 went across state lines and over the Mississippi River to try and find the cheapest gas prices in the tri-state area, traveling from and around Dubuque, to East Dubuque, Illinois, and Kieler, Wisconsin.

After visiting more than ten gas stations across the three cities and states, there was a common trend at every single stop: the price.

Every sign and every pump had their regular unleaded gasoline prices all reading the same $2.899 per gallon cost.

After traveling across state lines, some gas stations have noticed an increase in Iowa drivers coming across the bridge to get gas there instead, often hunting for the best price.

"We've noticed more comparisons," said Chance Huberty, a cashier who does book work for Kieler Mall Truck Plaza in Kieler, Wis. " A lot more Iowans coming up comparing the gas since the road tax in Iowa. It's really kind of helped boost our business a little bit."

In 2015, the state put an increased tax on fuels- in recent years it has slightly decreased, but since the increased tax was put in place in Iowa, the staff has constantly seen Iowans looking for the lowest price on gas.

According to AAA, this is the most expensive Memorial Day weekend at the pump in four years- when the national average for a gallon of regular gas was $3.65.