MedPharm prepares to open first cannabis oil facility in Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Iowa's first cannabis oil facility doesn't officially open its doors until almost the end of the year.

MedPharm will ship out thousands of products to five dispensaries around the state.

"This is a medicine and it really can deliver a lot of benefits," MedPharm representative Lucas Nelson said.

The operation is carefully planned out, and some parts are kept secret -- like where they get their raw product from.

"The Iowa Department of Health isn't interested in really addressing any of those issues so we've kept it silent," Nelson said.

Once they finally bring it all in, the main plants called mother plants will go in a special room -- carefully controlled in case any problems come up like a fungus outbreak.

"That is the most critical area of growing the plants is the environment. Light, temperature, the humidity those are really the biggest concerns for us," plant production associate Nick Tebockhorst said.

Although MedPharm is happy to bring the product to Iowans, the company isn't fully satisfied yet.

"There's a couple of legislative tweaks that we really believe are very important if we're going to make this a sustainable program for Iowa and the time is clearly right now," Nelson said.

They hope the state re-evaluates the three percent THC content cap and broadens the list of conditions so that more Iowans have access.

They are predicting 6,000 people will get medical cards in the state.

MedPharm will start growing the plants in the facility before that December deadline through three different building phases.