Matthew 25 looking for high schoolers to work on 'Urban Farm'

Published: Apr. 15, 2019 at 3:30 AM CDT
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Cedar Rapids non-profit Matthew 25 is looking to hire 15 teenagers to work at its 'Urban Farm' from the end of June until August.

The students will put in more than 20 hours per week and it will pay a little more than $8 an hour.

The urban farm is located at 437 G Ave NW in Cedar Rapids. The job isn’t about just about farming the 2 acres of farmland Matthew 25 has; It helps prepare kids for real-world activities like filling out a job application, doing an interview and taking on responsibilities like getting to work on time.

The kids will work Monday through Thursday. They will do basic gardening work like weeding, fertilizing, and preparing the food to be sold at Matthew 25's Farmer's Market.

Jabriana Coleman worked at the farm previously. She says the job taught her responsibilities and she got to bond with other teens from all different backgrounds.

"It was like an awakening to see like that everybody can still come together even though they may have a different lifestyle than you, no matter what,” she said. “That's what we kinda learned to accept each other, and not judge each other."

They will farm crops like squash, beets, peppers and tomatoes. Most of the people in the neighborhood qualify to buy the produce at a discounted rate. Matthew 25 says people in the neighborhood lack access to fresh produce.

“Usually like the cheapest food that people eat is the least healthy food, so to be able to get in some fresh farm produce into people who are usually eating what's from Casey's...we really want to see more of that,” said Laura Greig with Matthew 25.

High schoolers have until the end of the month to apply. Matthew 25 hopes to have the kids hired by the middle of May. For information on how to apply, email Laura at Matthew 25 can also be reached by phone at 319-362-2214.