Marshalltown Police warning of two ongoing phone scams

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Published: May. 6, 2020 at 3:33 PM CDT
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Law enforcement officials in Marshall County are warning of multiple telephone scams that are being attempted with residents in the area in recent days.

Michael Tupper, Marshalltown Chief of Police, issued statements on two separate scams that people in the community have reported being targeted by in phone calls. Neither of them are new, but they reappear every so often.

One targets grandparents, with the caller claiming that they are a grandchild who is in a situation requiring the grandparent to send them money. Police said they will often claim they are in jail, in a medical emergency, or stranded while traveling. The caller tries to be convincing by including enough details to make it sound plausible.

The other scam has the caller lying about being a member of the Marshalltown Police Department and trying to trick the recipient from there. In this case, they are impersonating Capt. Brian Batterson, or Scott Johnson, using a phone number with a 319 area code. Marshalltown is in the 641 area code.

In both cases, Tupper said that call recipients should use caution with any call is unsolicited and seems suspicious at all. If a person is unsure about a call, try to find out a way to verify the information first. In the grandparent scam, call another family member or the person the caller claims to be. In the police scam, call the Marshalltown Police Department's non-emergency line at (641) 754-5725 to confirm.

Tupper said if you are the target of one of these scams, you can report the incident to Marshalltown Police or your local law enforcement agency.