UPDATE: Marion woman able to find owner of toy with viral post

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Hoeppner has found the owner of the stuffed animal.

She updated the viral post on Facebook on October 4 saying they were able to identify a "very particular marking on George" to prove it was theirs.

Hoeppner said in the post that George will get a few more pictures on October 5 before being returned home.

On her way back to Marion last weekend, Katie Hoeppner stopped at the I-80 rest stop near Williamsburg.

“I stopped to use the restroom and he was just sitting there on the counter, on top of the sink, just sad and lonely,” Hoeppner said. “There was no attendants there to give him to, so I took him home and started this adventure with him.”

Hoeppner documented their travel and posted the photos online. In just three days, the post has thousands of likes and more than 40,000 shares from people across the country.

“I could not believe that it got so big so fast, I just thought I’d share it with my friends, they’d share it around, but to get people from New York, L.A., Florida, all these people are seeing and it’s become kind of overwhelming , exciting that we have that much support,” she said. “A lot of people are saying how cool it is, how we need something positive like this right now, hope we find his owner, a lot of people have said I wish somebody like you would have come forward when we lost our stuffed animal for our kid.”

Hoeppner said she will keep everyone updated with what George is doing on her Facebook page until he finds his home. If he’s not found in a month, she will donate him to a shelter to comfort another child.

“If you’re out there, we hope we find you. George misses you a lot, he’s having fun with his shenanigans with us, but he does miss his little human and wants to come home,” Hoeppner said.