Marion woman starts local 'online farmers market' marketplace

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MARION, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Buying local can now happen online in one spot for those living in Eastern Iowa.

Online stores like Amazon and Etsy are getting more and more popular. A Cedar Rapids couple took that idea and brought it to the area.

Cherie Edilson and her husband have been working on the site called the Cedar Rapids Marketplace since November. It started gaining more speed over the past few months.

"I would love to help everybody. We'd love to see it be the place where our goal is just to make it easier to shop local," Edilson said.

Edilson's sister Katy Sennett is a home-baker and said it was tough to get her name out there. The marketplace helps fix that problem.

"I'm not on Facebook or anything like that. I'm not even personally on it," Sennett said.

It's not just goods, people are also starting to sell services on the site.

"We have two plans. We have a commission plan or a monthly plan. So if we do commission plan we take ten percent of that order, the rest goes to that vendor. If they are monthly plan they then pay $15 a month," Edilson said.

Now they're just gearing up for holidays hoping the website continues to grow.

You can find the website here.