Maquoketa prepares for flooding

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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KCRG) - Snow melt, rain and frozen ground are causing trouble for people in Maquoketa.

The city mayor said Maquoketa will crest at around 32 feet, with officials closing off flood gates at 24 feet. Crews Are working to keep up with the runoff with several staff members working three 8-hour shifts to keep up.

"This is a typical catch basin and the water from the city is draining down to this, and we have the gate over here that it's closed," said Public Works official Kevin Kilburg. "So once the water gets here, it has nowhere else to go.

The mayor says once the level gets over 24 feet their flood gates have to be closed, But as long as trees or debris don't jam up those flood gates, there's no immediate cause for worry.

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