Maquoketa River Levels


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Manchester - Maquoketa
Maquoketa River at Manchester
Maquoketa River at Manchester Hwy 20
Flood Categories
Record24.48 feet - 7/24/2010
Major20 feet
Moderate17 feet
Minor / Flood Stage14 feet
Action Stage12 feet
River Level Impacts
12.5 feetWater affects the campgrounds at lower Bailey's Ford Park
14 feetWater affects West Main Street
17 feetWest Main Street and State Highway 13 is closed in Manchester
19 feetWater affects businesses along W Main Street
28 feetWater reaches the bottom of the U.S. Highway 20 bridges
Maquoketa River at Maquoketa
Maquoketa River near Maquoketa
Flood Categories
Record35.26 feet - 7/26/2010
Major28.5 feet
Moderate26 feet
Minor / Flood Stage24 feet
Action Stage23 feet
River Level Impacts
24 feetWater affects agricultural land in the Maquoketa area and causes backups of storm sewers in town
28.5 feetWater is affecting the north side of the city of Maquoketa and widespread agricultural flooding
35 feetWater reaches the top of the levee which protects the industrial section at the north end of town
37 feetWater is at the floor level of the Maquoketa Municipal Light Plant
39 feetWater reaches the bottom of the Iowa Highway 62 bridge deck at Maquoketa