Manchester redemption center to reopen under new ownership starting November 1

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MANCHESTER, Iowa (KCRG) -- After closing for two months, a recycling redemption center in Manchester is preparing to open back up under new management. The new owners said the decision to bring back the business, operating under the name "Can Do Too," was less about the money and more about filling a large need for the community.

Cans are already being sorted as a redemption center in Manchester prepares to reopen to the public. (Aaron Scheinblum, KCRG)

The redemption center closed in August, citing the high costs to run the business and the low revenue the business was bringing in. Leadership at the time said they were spending about $50,000 more than their revenue.

Now the business is preparing to rebound, through the leadership of Greg Rogers- who already owns two businesses in Manchester and is now adding a third. He believes he can make it successful, while continuing to offer a much-needed service to the area.

Rogers said he is optimistic as the new venture begins, because as a local business owner, he knows the community will respond.

"We've been in the community since '09," Rogers said. "We own Lightning Lanes [and] Captain Tenilles, so we know the kind of support we can expect from the community. And we're already feeling that love the way it is."

Rogers said he has already seen and heard a great response from the community, saying people have already asked when they can bring in the bags full of recyclables.

Rogers says as he works out the kinks to best learn how to help the business rebound, their services are available to commercial accounts. Community members will have the chance to bring their bags of recyclables starting November 1.