Man who helped control car fire at gas station says he did what anyone else would have done

Published: May. 4, 2017 at 7:13 PM CDT
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A car fire at a gas station could have been much worse.

Thanks to a man's quick actions, firefighters were able to keep it under control. The truck driver who helped out says he simply did what anyone else would have done. A video taken by a viewer shows flames erupted from the hood of the car at a Hy-Vee gas station on HWY 965 in Coralville Wednesday. Fortunately, there weren't any cars or gas pumps too close to the fire.

When Brad Aldrich noticed the smoke, he found the car's owner who called 911. Aldrich and a store employee went through three fire extinguishers to keep the fire under control until fire crews arrived.

"I came back out here and it was smoking a lot more and a little fire I could see so I ran back in and said hey that thing's on fire. You better get someone here quick," said Aldrich, "The fire was coming out of the hood up by the windshield and every time I stopped using the fire extinguisher it would start up worse, it would get worse."

Aldrich says he was just trying to help. He says the most important thing was that no one got hurt.