UPDATE: Man wants justice after someone shoots and kills pet zebra

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OELWEIN, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The Buchanan County Sheriff told TV9 Sunday, authorities are aware of the shooting, but said he couldn't go into further details.

The zebra named Taz was two and half years old when someone shot and killed him.

"This is a continuing investigation," said Sheriff Bill Wolfgram. "So, [I]cannot comment further."


Someone shot and killed a zebra in Oelwein. The zebra's owner says he knows exactly who did it after receiving threats for months.

One of Henninger's seven zebras was killed sometime around Halloween. It was two and a half-year-old Taz.

He found the animal on the 31st-- his birthday-- dead, shot in the stomach.

"The last three or four days I've been pretty consumed," Henninger said.

Henninger believes he knows who did it. That's because for months he's been receiving threatening texts, photos, and videos. In them-- someone is seen shooting, even roasting a stuffed zebra.

He reported everything to area sheriff's deputies. Now, he's hoping authorities can do something to prevent other animals from being attacked. Pets, he says, bring him and so many others joy.

"The kids come out and see them and play our games and stuff they say it's the best day they ever had," Henninger said.

Late Saturday night the man Mike believed sent him the videos contacted TV9. That man said he's been struggling with mental health troubles. He admitted making those videos - calling them a joke, but he denied killing the zebra.

TV9 reached out to authorities but hasn't heard back.