Made in Eastern Iowa: Genova Technologies and information in less time

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) Dawn Ainger walks with a purpose but is patient is explaining the present and future of learning.

Dawn Ainger is Chairman/CEO of Genova Technologies in Cedar Rapids, a company with a specialization in getting updated information to users at the height of convenience.

"Who has got an hour to sit in front of a computer?" Ainger asked, rhetorically, when describing the demand for her company's products. "Now they can do it when they’re walking down the hall, picking up their child from soccer."

Ainger is the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Genova Technologies in Cedar Rapids, a software development company that has thrived in a market where information seems to be infinite while most definitely is not.

"When I was owning my software engineering firm, I was looking for more ways to get more qualifications for my business," said Ainger. "I went to the University of Iowa and I said ‘is there anything software can solve for you?' They said ‘yes, we look up information all day long but we can’t get continuing education credit for it’ I said ‘we can code that and I got that idea from the University of Iowa.’”

The idea morphed into CE Headquarters, known as CEHQ, a mobile software app where the user can access updated, vetted information on the user's time.

Ainger offered a demonstration with her phone.

"They want to search on a topic, say MS, can search on MS and it brings only trusted, vetted sites that are only credit-worthy," Ainger showed on the screen. "They can click on it, read the article, answer the review question, submit their answer and just that quick, they’ve got a continuing education credit in minutes at a time instead of hours at a time."

Diabetes nurse Jaclyn Smith, talking at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, noted the importance of staying on top of the edge of the latest accurate medical information and discoveries.

"It’s so convenient to have something on your phone to access when it’s convenient for you instead of going to a computer when nurses barely have time to go to a computer to chart," said Smith. "It’s a continuous learning process whether it’s procedures, therapies, medications and everything we need to know changes every single year. In order to be good nurses, we have to learn it."

Genova Technologies has made an impact in both the medical and defense sectors with Ainger leading that path through her ownership of the company for the last 16 years.

"What we’ve done with University of Iowa is we have trusted, unvetted web sites only and it’s better than doing a web search," said Ainger. "They can download the app and get trusted, unbiased information. The information stays updated from the trusted vendors like the National Library of Medicine and the CDC."