Made in Eastern Iowa: Everything but the clubs... and the balls.

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The metal trash containers are stacked and stacked at Standard Golf Products, on the southern edge of Cedar Falls.

Standard Golf Company, in Cedar Falls, has supplied golf courses - including televised tournaments - with just about every product a course needs.

If they add up quickly here, imagine at a golf course that needs, well, at least 18 of everything.

"A golf course might have two sets of cups so they’ll have one set clean. 36 cups," said Matt Pauli, marketing director at Standard Golf Company. "Flag sticks. Some courses do different color flag sticks depending on front, middle, back of the green. Might have another 54 flagsticks. How many tee boxes? The number of products, sand trap rakes, multiple rakes, traps per hole. It adds up pretty quick."

Pauli took us around the facility, which Standard Golf has called home for about thirty years. The company's catalog is extensive with just about everything that the golfer does not use while hitting.

"Our highest-selling products are our cups, followed by our flag sticks," said Pauli. "We’ve made cups out of aluminum, plastic, a half-hybrid that is aluminum and plastic. Our flag sticks and the sand trap rakes. We’re selling tens of thousands of these a year."

As the technology also advances, that makes a 3-D printer ideal, for example, to print off new flags with different colors or patterns or making flag sticks any color that a course may want.

The next time you watch a golf tournament on television, take a look around beyond just the players and the clubs.

"You may not realize that a lot of those products in the major tournaments are coming from here in Cedar Falls," said Pauli.

Also, watch for the sounds of the cups in each hole. Now they're made with a hybrid. Plastic on the top and aluminum on the bottom with the point for the golfers to savor the moment.

"You still have the outside but to maintain, the plastic is much easier to clean," said Pauli. "You still have to have that sound on that 17-foot birdie? Every golfer likes that click."

The overall point is that, even in the northern climate of Iowa, this business touches so much of a global game that millions spent hours trying to master.

"If golf is played, we’re there," said Pauli. "Standard Golf, here it is in Cedar Falls, Iowa but we’re global. We touch the entire game of golf, everyone who plays the game. Little Cedar Falls has this global reach in a game that’s known by millions."

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