Lone Tree farm showcases local artists in first music festival

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LONE TREE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - A weekend of camping and music in Lone Tree is the first of its kind for the area.

The Grey Area Music Festival is showcasing live local music Friday and Saturday.

There's nothing but corn surrounding the music venue, which is a barn with a stage out back. The owner of the venue, Luke Tweedy wanted it to be that way.

"I wanted to immerse people in nature and get rid of all the distractions of the city," Tweedy said.

For a few years, the barn has been used for recording music. This year Tweedy built the stage to showcase the artist that record there.

Attendees can attend just for a day or spend the weekend camping on the large property.

"It takes you away, it I just love music and live music is just to see a band and all the parts I just love it," Attendee from Iowa City Sharon Lobb said.

All proceeds from it are going toward the American Civil Liberties Union and the University of Iowa's Rape Advocacy Program.

"I think civil liberties are being lost at kind of a crazy pace, we're headed in a direction that I'm not super fond of so if we can help people with some legal costs who are just trying to live victimless lives I think that that's a good thing," Tweedy said.

Because the neighbors are miles away, Tweedy says the festival is set to go well into the evenings.

The music continues throughout Saturday evening.