Lone Tree excited for new community wellness center to open

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LONE TREE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- People in Lone Tree are just three months away from the opening of a new wellness center.

The school district will own the building, but it will be open to everyone. Crews are still putting the floor in for the new gym and equipment still has to be moved in. The $3,400,000 project started last summer. The city chipped in $250,000 and voters approved a $2,500,000 bond to help pay for the building. The district superintendent said people won't have to travel to places like Iowa City to hit the gym.

"We're extremely excited that this is truly a school and community venture together and while we believe the school will use it on occasion, the community will be using it the bulk of the time and for the size of Lone Tree, it's a fantastic facility," said Ken Crawford, the superintendent of the Lone Tree Community School District.

The school said teams will use the gym for some basketball and volleyball games. The wellness center is expected to open June first.