Small pharmacies working hard to meet demands of eastern Iowa customers

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VINTON, Iowa (KCRG) - Some smaller pharmacies in Eastern Iowa are working hard to keep up with the demands of people stocking up on medicine during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both LaGrange Pharmacy and Clingman Pharmacy are closed to the public in Vinton right now, so TV9 could not go inside, but workers did come outside to talk about some of the issues they're facing.

They are both doing curbside pickup and delivery. People can call ahead with their orders and workers will bring it out to their cars.

Both pharmacies are sold out on face masks and hand sanitizers.

People are also stocking up on cold medicines, as well. With them being smaller pharmacies, they have to be mindful of what they spend money to stock up on.

They are also looking elsewhere for cheaper prices.

"Just some wholesalers that we don't use all the time,” said Dan LaGrange with LaGrange Pharmacy. “Just trying to find different ways to get those things.”

Both pharmacies say their workers are putting in long hours. They are all wearing gloves and making sure they stay healthy.

"We do have to pay a little bit more attention of protecting our own health because we don't have backups,” said Jon Clingman, owner of Clingman Pharmacy. “We're a very small staff here and so we don't have the availability to split shift and stuff, so that's a concern.”

Both pharmacies say they have not seen much hoarding, but they do want people to be patient because they are working hard to get supplies every day.