New Cedar Rapids club closes doors after weekend fight

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The owner of a Cedar Rapids night club said he was trying to curb violence in the city when he opened his business in mid-May.

(Brian Tabick/KCRG)

But violence is the very reason it has closed its doors.

Club Mingle is located at 1140 Blairs Ferry Road Northeast. Just before 5:00 a.m. Sunday, a witness told police someone had fired a gun. Managers, however, said that didn’t happen but changes need to be made.

Owner Lord Range explained that he will be doing away with the “bring your own bottle” idea as well as getting rid of the early morning events but maintains alcohol wasn’t the major issue during the weekend fight.

“This music that the industry is producing today isn’t really hip hop music, Range said. “It is satanic music with a hip hop beat. And it’s poisoning the mind of the young kids.”

In fact, he said the business was started to curb violence in Cedar Rapids. Range said they had plans to donate money to the CRPD to get guns off the streets.

That message was lost among patrons.

“I think they thought it was just a hangout spot to try and kick it and get drunk and that’s not what we are here for,” Range said. “We were here to try and be an outlet for the community.”

The issue isn’t lost among city leaders. Mayor Brad Hart said the city just hired 15 additional police officers and expect more patrol out this summer.

“Every shot that’s fired is troubling to the city,” said Mayor Hart. “We are working really hard to avoid it happening in the future.”

The future on whether or not Mingle will reopen its doors is uncertain, Range wants others to do their part to curb violence.

“This is not hip hop music, this music is satanic,” he said.

Police said they did find blood on the ground Sunday morning but a victim has yet to come forward.