I9: Linn County social security numbers 'accidentally' sent to GOP

Published: Aug. 4, 2017 at 6:10 PM CDT
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Auditor Joel Miller tells I9, Linn County voters' social security numbers were emailed by accident to at least three, possibly four, County Republican party members, including County Republican Chair Justin Wasson.

Miller says the mistake happened this morning when a "veteran" staff member sent a routine email to those party members and "checked the wrong box." The email contained the last four digits of social security numbers for around 216,000 registered voters. That staff member Miller says was suspended for the day.

Miller says his office has notified the Iowa Secretary of State's Office about what occurred and has been able to get in touch with three of the four the recipients of the email, who he reports have all told his office they deleted the note. Miller adds his office has been unable to get in touch with the owner of a fourth account. The addresses where the email was sent were provided Miller says by the Linn County GOP.

"I apologize this occurred," said Miller. "We are still trying to identify the owner of what appears to be a bogus email account. We plan to talk to the Board of Supervisors on Monday about providing about providing ID protection for any person who requests it."

I9 has been unable to get a hold of Wasson for comment at this time