Linn County Sheriff's Office investigating stolen motorcycles, mopeds, estimated more than $200,000

Ownership at A-1 Performance Powersports says more than $200,000 of merchandise, including...
Ownership at A-1 Performance Powersports says more than $200,000 of merchandise, including multiple motorcycles and mopeds, were stolen from the business earlier in the week. (Aaron Scheinblum, KCRG)(KCRG)
Published: Mar. 9, 2019 at 8:33 PM CST
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A Cedar Rapids business owner says someone stole more than $200,000 in merchandise after breaking in.

The owner said it marked the tenth time they have seen their business burglarized in a five-year span, and after the most recent incident, now they are contemplating closing the business down entirely.

A-1 Performance Power Sports on Mount Vernon Road in Cedar Rapids has seen their business broken into twice in the last three weeks.

The owner says their security system, including a monitor and DVR system, was stolen. Chuck Hanson, who has owned the business since 1990, said they had not filed an official report with the Linn County Sheriff's Office because he did not have the time; Hanson said his time working with his snow removal company took time away from reporting the theft of the security system.

Now, Hanson said they have had no choice but to close up shop. At the very least, they will close temporarily.

"We're out of business," Hanson said. "There's nothing we can do. We can't sell a car without a title."

"We estimate that we're missing between 15 and 18 motorcycles and mopeds," Hanson said. "Every title to every vehicle here is gone."

Hanson also said items such as helmets, clothing, a doll collection, and money in the cash register were stolen. He said computers were destroyed, the front door was cracked, and the offices in the business were covered in different papers and items.

Hanson said he knows people have stolen from his business before, but nothing compared tot this recent act.

"Nothing this devastating," Hanson said. "This wasn't the work of one or two people, this was a gang."

Hanson said it will be a challenge to find a culprit, since they do not have anything to refer back to with security footage. He is hoping that maybe someone saw something during the overnight hours earlier in the week.

"Whoever did it knows our operation, probably knows me personally, they knew exactly where they were going," Hanson said.

After the most recent burglary, Hanson is debating closing the shop entirely.

"We've had so many break-ins in the past couple years, we're out here in a remote area where the sheriffs don't patrol a lot, and we've just had numerous break-in after break-in after break-in- and I'm tired of it," Hanson said.

Hanson told TV9 the theft occurred "Tuesday or Wednesday," but did not report the incident to the Linn County Sheriff's Office until Thursday.

"All we want is our stuff back," Hanson said. "Especially those titles. They have no value to anybody else but us."

Col. John Stuelke with the Linn County Sheriff's Office told TV9: "We took a report [Thursday] on the theft of 16 Harley Davidson motorcycles, two Schwinn mopeds and two ATV’s."

The Linn County Sheriff's Office told TV9 they would not comment any further, since the investigation is ongoing.