Linn County Sheriff’s Office awaits delayed payments during shutdown

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The government shutdown has locked up federal payments to jails in eastern Iowa. County jails house federal inmates throughout the year, and Uncle Sam pays them to do it.

The Linn County jail is holding more than 100 federal inmates in their jail right now.

Many of them are there because they're still awaiting trial at the nearby Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids.

The Sheriff's Office gets $64.70 per day per inmate from the federal government, which totals to about $3 million a year into its budget.

Sheriff Brian Gardner said he is not worried about a delay in those payments because there is usually some wait time.

But he said they might need to reevaluate if the shutdown extends for several more months, though he doesn't think it will get to any extreme impacts.

“I do not envision us calling the Marshal's Service and telling them to come get their inmates,” Sheriff Gardner said. “I do not foresee a situation where that would occur.”

He said he expects they'll get those payments once the government reopens.