Linn County Board of Supervisors issue Diversity Proclamation

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – In response to recent events, District two Supervisor Stacey Walker presented a proclamation in front of the board Wednesday morning.

The proclamation affirms the board’s support for cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. Walker said it’s a timely matter to address.

“I think in this time where we look at some of the conflicts happening in the Middle East, we look at the conflicts happening on the continent of Africa that are forcing people away from their homes, who are seeking safety and refuge,” Walker said. “It’s important that America, and it’s important that Linn County is accepting. It’s important that Linn County doesn’t impose a religious litmus test on anyone who is seeking shelter in this country.”

All five supervisors voiced their support of the proclamation, and approved it.

“I think it’s timely to restate and affirm the policies of Linn County that have always been in line with this proclamation,” Vice Chairperson John Harris said.

“I’m glad that we’re doing this,” Supervisor Ben Rogers said. “This reaffirms that we are a diverse community. We’re home to the Mother Mosque, the oldest mosque in the United States. I believe St. George’s church on 34th street just celebrated its 100 years, and that has a lot of Syrian and Lebanese influence.”

Walker said he hopes this proclamation will encourage other local governments to affirm where they stand.