Liberty High student first ever to donate 2 gallons of blood for UIHC Gallon Grad

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 8:48 PM CDT
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A Liberty High School student is the first-ever high school student to donate two gallons of blood under UIHC's Gallon Grad program.

Scott Dill donated for his 16th time on Friday. The Gallon Grad program is a way to honor local high school students who donate eight times before their high school graduation.

Dill is also the first-gallon grad with 8 donations from Liberty High.

He says he doesn't do it for the numbers but for who it will help, and that's what actually got him inspired.

He also says after his brother got sick he wanted to stay involved.

"For my brother, there was really nothing that I could do to help him but now I know there is stuff I can do to help the other families, so I kind of programmed donating into my schedule since then," said Dill.

He says knowing the people it's helping is the best part.

He plans to keep donating and recommends anyone thinking about it to donate blood in the future.

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