Let Me Run program launches this fall in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

Published: Apr. 24, 2017 at 9:49 PM CDT
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A new program for young boys at nearly a dozen schools in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City starting this fall, it's called Let Me Run.

For four years, Carter Parrish watched his sister be part of Girls on the Run. He kept asking his mom if he could join the program.

"She loves it still, now she's in Heart and Soul with other sixth graders,' Parrish said.

So Carter's mom decided to kickstart Let Me Run in eastern Iowa.

"I've been coaching Girls on the Run, which is a wonderful organization, for the last four years from the very first year I coached I had a little boys come up to and saw why don't I get to do this," Charity Nebbe said.

Like Girls on the Run, practices will incorporate lessons of self-confidence.

"When we get together we're going to stretch and run cause kids have to move because they've been in class all day but then there's a lesson that we practice on positive self image and communications skills and what it means to be a man in today's world," Nebbe said.

The seven week program will be open to all boys in fourth through eighth grades. Already some boys are practicing for the upcoming season.

"It's fun to run. You get outside and breathe fresh air," Winston Fender said.

"Well you get outside and you get exercise and you get more steps on Fitbit," Parrish said.

Let Me Run organizers say the program allows boys have fun exercising in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Let Me Run is looking for more volunteer coaches.

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