Learning Rx: Improving Academic Performance

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- It's never too late to train your brain and improve academic performance. Courney Axline with Learning Rx explains ways to train your brain.

You can train a child's thinking and learning skills

• you can improve cognitive skills responsible for learning, reading and thinking. 85% of time a struggle is do to a cognitive weakness.
• Building cognitive skills changes performance academically

IQ can change
• IQ score is an average of i intellectual ability., you can improve IQ by changing your ability.
• At learningrx we can change IQ by an average of 21 pts.

We can create new connections in the brain.
• 100 trillion connections in the brain, but we can continue to make new ones, the brain is not hard wired.

The Whole Brain Is Responsible for Thinking, reading and learning