Kinnick house vote delayed — again

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- It'll take at least one more night.

The Iowa City board of adjustment late Wednesday night delayed its decision on the construction of a house resembling Kinnick Stadium.

The postponement came after hearing over whether a couple could build the home went all night — for a second week in a row.

The board of adjustment heard from the concerned neighborhood residents for the first two hours of the meeting.

Presenters at demonstrated with a scale drawing how first responders would be unable to safely get to the proposed home, arguing the road is not long enough.

"In approving the Carlson site plan and building permit application, we believe the city staff ignored or misapplied city code requirements legislated by city council. Thereby, sacrificing safety in favor of Carlsons' personal use," said Dina Janzen, resident.

The applicant, Reed Carlson, said he grew up a die hard Hawkeye fan and wants to use the home as gathering spot for his family.

"We feel that this will be a central gathering spot for our family for many years to come as we celebrate future life events such as birthdays, holidays and school events as well as University of Iowa and community events," he said.

Carlson, and his wife, Sandy, of Decorah want to build the 7,500 square foot replica at 101 Lusk Avenue. The location is in the Manville Heights neighborhood, not far from the real stadium. But neighbors say the home would create safety concerns, parking problems and a lot of noise.

The board asked Carlson if he would be willing to work with the city to change certain aspects of his home, and he said he has been willing to work with the neighbors and the city all along.

The board of adjustment says it hopes to make a decision at its third meeting on this issue next week.